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    Professional narrow - profile specialists who understand all the delicacies of the economic aspects of the development of financial projects, reports...

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    Manuals, descriptions, data sheets, technical books, scientific articles, patents...

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    Different documents relating to medical devices and health care in general, including of technical content and marketing, regulatory, clinical, pharmaceutical, research content can be the object of work.

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Translation of legal documents and its features

  • 1. Legislation acts, bank documents;
  • 2. Contracts, agreements, conventions;
  • 3. Statutory, charter documents;
  • 4. Certificates, protocols;
  • 5. Judicial, regulatory, personal documents;
  • 6. Licenses, Powers o Attorney, register extracts;

The long-term confidence of international companies involved in foreign economies, government organizations using in their activities presentations in a foreign language, confirms the professionalism of our employees.

Order processing, further work with the legal nature materials is not limited to the literal interpretation and includes the transfer of semantic meaning of the foreign state system terms used.

"A thorough understanding of essence is the urgent need for the successful completion of the project."Director: Lipov YI

"Anna Svit" experts have accumulated vast experience in various areas related to legislation and several other areas, inseparable in the context of specific performance . The most common are simultaneously involved financial aspect, accounting and tax reporting, thus, they relate to a particular economic sector . Therefore, we consider it an undeniable advantage of the presence of narrowly - specialized interpreters (knowledge of the rules of correspondence of legal terms between two languages ) in the translation bureau team. Their joint participation ensures the authenticity, full, meaningful, functional identity to the sample.

We cooperate with highly qualified lawyers, having special vocabulary. The importance of compliance with the standards of the target country is difficult to overestimate - any distortion of the original in the field of legal translation leads to negative consequences for the customer and, as a result, reputation of performers.