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Translation of medical documents and its features

List of the most common medical documents

  • 1. . Outpatient tests, doctors reports, statements, medical records, information inserts for medicines and so on.;
  • 2. Tutorials on medicine, other medical literature;
  • 3. Description of medicines, imported into the territory of Ukraine;
  • 4. Supporting documents for medical equipment, imported from another country;
  • 5. Technical documentation for medical equipment ( warranty, technical parameters, operating conditions ... );
  • 6. Registration documents for the new for our market medicines and medical equipment for their registration and legalization in the territory of Ukraine;
  • 7. Expert's reports:
  • 8. Protocols on studies carried out;
  • 9. Medical content documents, prepared for submission to the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine;
  • 10. Medicines Directories and catalogs;
  • 11. Translation of actional documentation, related to medical service market;
  • 12. Presentation of new medical products and equipment;
  • 13. Translation of medical conferences and articles;
  • 14. Translation of scientific publications

Example of document translated

Examples of medical translation

The feature of the medical documentation translation is the presence in the original text translated of phrases and terms in the Latin language, which in its present form is presented only in the medical and scientific and biological aspect. Translation of documents in Latin is rather complicated process for interpreters, that's why when doing this type of work, the staff of our translation bureau agrees any term written in this language with the medical consultants.

. Over 10 years experience and medical education of our consultants, carefully tested, allows us to state the competence in this area. Usually, medical records are full of such highly specialized terms, therefore, and the responsibility for any, even the most insignificant at first glance, mistake that leads to negative consequences in the operation of medical equipment or in the treatment of foreign nationals in our clinics (by the way, this phenomenon is quite widespread in some areas of medicine, such as reproductive, as today many foreigners are attracted by low, as compared to the average European, price in our country) bear interpreters.