Notarization of translations

Rules of translation certification in Ukraine.

The notary action shall be limited to testifying authenticity of signatures that do not contradict the law about the notary, stating the qualification, personality of the interpreter on the basis of a college degree. At the same time, there is no certification of the facts set out, it is only confirmed that it is made by a specific person.

The notary, who have the language, can certify its faithfulness himself. Certification of translation involves collection of legally established fee, which is part of our tariff.

To ensure legal force of the foreign sample in various authorities, depending on the requirements, it is possible to legalize in a more simple way - by apostille of the competent authority (there are exceptions, for example, some personal documents, driving licenses), if the requirement is canceled in the territory of the origin through regulations or international agreements. Or in the consulate - if the country is not the party to Hague Convention abolishing this necessity.

Notary translation includes the full text (even if only the part of required), all stamps, seals in accordance with the terms for documents execution, filing to the copy or the original.

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Confidentiality statement.

Taking an order for execution of the work, we guarantee that the information for internal use will be available in full only to a limited number of official employees of the Company who signed the agreement on non-disclosure, and only to proven freelancers. We will not use, transfer this information for any purpose, except in cases where the parties are the organizations carrying out certification of translation directly, with high standards of data protection, to which the non-target use of information is forbidden.