Translation of technical documents and its features

We carry out preparation and translation of any technical documentation. For example:

  • 1. Manuals, instructions;
  • 2. Scientific and technical documentation;
  • 3. Warranties;
  • 4. Descriptions, data sheets;
  • 5. Customs and accompanying documents;
  • 6. Technical books;
  • 7. Scientific articles, patents;

Our Translation bureau deals with technical translation since 2005. And variety of services related to linguistic support of business - notarization, providing an interpreter, layout, translation delivery service, etc. make us heavily reliable partners for many organizations.


Among other advantages of our translation bureau can be noted such as:
- availability of staff interpreters in the office (in many cases, we execute orders in your presence);
- ability to call the courier;
- high performance when developing large orders;
- reputation of our bureau guarantees high quality of translation services provided;
- reasonable price for translations, including technical

Our experts do technical translation of Internet resources and correspondence on technical issues with foreign partners. One of the most common types of orders is a translation of package of documents, accompanying various equipment, imported into the territory of Ukraine such as agricultural, machine-building, instrument-making, medical, processing, mining . Such translations mandatory pass additional testing by technical expert to ensure correct interpretation of technical terms and acronyms, used in the original text . As well as for the comparison of different technical standards, used in the countries of the equipment suppliers with our standards.