Translation of documents

  • 1 / Performed by us — it is an exact copy of what the author expressed in his language (with mathematical concordance by all factors, including stylistic). Professional narrow — profile specialists who understand all the delicacies of the economic aspects of the developed documents and "native speakers" are ready to perform ...
  • 2 / Of all types — manuals, descriptions, data sheets, technical books, scientific articles, patents. Features of the linguistic areas of translation bureau activity with the support of technicians to bring into line the standards of the country the supplier and the consumer. Familiarize yourself with...
  • 3 / Different documents relating to medical devices and health care in general, including of technical content and marketing, regulatory, clinical, pharmaceutical, research content can be the object of work. In more detail...
  • 4 / Our job, during translation and further work is not limited to a literal statement of the original, and includes the transfer of all semantic meaning of the terms used in the legal system of a foreign country ...

"Anna Svit" for long-term (over 10 years) cooperates with notaries, and provides notarization, as well as verbal linguistic support of actions, if necessary. See information below...


Cost — minimum 40 UAH per page only (for Russian-Ukrainian) and is language-dependent. While having rather low price for English — Russian, for example, we provide the maximum accuracy in highly specialized orders by engaging relevant thematic specialists, who are not only practicing translators, but also degree graduates of different educational institutions in various professions.
Complete list of languages translated by us and the prices of our services see on the corresponding page. Among the most popular languages today are as follows: Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian and Turkish.
When determining the pricing policy we took into account actual economic situation and, its balance with the expenditure part of our business ...

How to reach us ?


See our bureau location (with the possibility to map a route by public or private transport).
Our office is located in a place convenient for the majority of our customers. Come, we look forward to your visit and will try to provide the most — effective assistance in your issues.

About us

We have over 10 years experience in the market of language services and have narrow — profile specialists, who studied in depth the specifics of complex projects in different subject areas, for example: political, artistic, medical, economic, etc. Thanks to number of benefits, we can claim that our agency – one of the best in Ukraine.
Do You have questions? Please contact us by phone, Skype or chat in "Contacts" section. Or e-mail us, and we will respond within one business day.



Confidentiality statement.

Bureau respects the confidentiality pertaining to the subjects, applied directly to the company (Law dated 01.06.2010 № 2297 -VI section 2297-17, dated 09.30.2015 — 675-19), visited the website, using secure, encrypted SSL connection that is certified by the safety data sheet (see the address bar on the left). You’re more than welcome to send any text fragments using the email form on our pages, and get them translated in digital form.
We work daily with tax returns, reports, contracts, corporate correspondence and for individuals (passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates, qualifications, powers of attorney, certificates, diplomas), we take the commitment to protect personal information relating to enterprises that they represent. We take the necessary measures against unauthorized access to the premises, located in Kiev — Solomenskiy area, in which during the processing is stored the material that requires long execution time. Upon the completion of work we delete hard and soft copies of the data at the request of the customer when he visits our office. In 10 years we command loyalty of many state and commercial entities.